Bubble’s Log – Circumnavigation of Britain 2022

Sailing single-handed, yachts Bubble and Pagets Lady circumnavigated Britain, anticlockwise from Fleetwood Marina via Cape Wrath, between 20 April and 18 June 2022.

Where’s Bubble now?

Bubble’s current position (from her AIS transponder). Pagets Lady also has AIS. The most recently-received position will be shown if we’re out of range of an AIS shore station.

Jonathan at Bubble’s helm
(thanks to David for the photo)

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  • (no title)
    I knew that it would take a few days to adjust from being on the trip and living aboard before I could reflect on the circumnavigation and on what Mike and I achieved over those sixty days. THE PLAN The plan was always to sail around Great Britain’s coastline without pausing other than for rest […]
  • DAY 60 – Saturday 18 June 2022 – Whitehaven to Fleetwood
    Miles logged: 47Total miles logged: 1,674 nautical miles (circumnavigation of the coast of Great Britain completed)Days since leaving Fleetwood: 60Days at sea: 38 This will be a brief report. Over the next few days I will publish Bubble’s log in detail with averages and other statistics and will offer some reflections on our adventure. But […]
  • DAY 58 – Thursday 16 June 2022 – East Tarbet Bay to Whitehaven
    Miles logged: 45Total miles logged: 1,627Days since leaving Fleetwood: 58Days at sea: 37 East Tarbet Bay is, as it was when I last visited, an excellent anchorage in the right conditions. We had a peaceful night there and I slept very well. A departure time of 0630 was chosen to ensure a favourable tide all […]
  • DAY 57 – Wednesday 15 June 2022 – Portpatrick to East Tarbet Bay
    Miles logged: 16Total miles logged: 1,582Days since leaving Fleetwood: 57Days at sea: 36 Today’s leg, our third-last, was the shortest of the entire trip. Once again a tidal gate provides the explanation. Sailing south from Portpatrick, one must pass the Mull of Galloway. Very strong tidal streams form around here and there are overfalls which […]
  • DAY 56 – Tuesday 14 June 2022 – Druimyeon Bay (Gigha) to Portpatrick
    Miles logged: 61Total miles logged: 1,566Days since leaving Fleetwood: 56Days at sea: 35 It was no hardship to rise early for an 0500 departure from Gigha after a night of calm and total silence at anchor there. The weather was fine with just a light breeze. This had been an ideal place to stop; we […]

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I have produced some YouTube videos of the trip. They can be viewed at at Bubble’s channel here.

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