Bubble’s Log – Circumnavigation of Britain 2022

Yachts Bubble and Pagets Lady are circumnavigating Britain, sailing anticlockwise from Fleetwood Marina and aiming to sail via Cape Wrath. We set out from Fleetwood on Wednesday 20 April 2022.

Where’s Bubble now?

Bubble’s current position (from her AIS transponder). Pagets Lady also has AIS. The most recently-received position will be shown if we’re out of range of an AIS shore station.

Jonathan at Bubble’s helm
(thanks to David for the photo)

Latest Posts

  • DAY 38 – Friday 27 May 2022 – Arbroath to Aberdeen
    Miles logged: 42Total miles logged: 1,100Days since leaving Fleetwood: 38Days at sea: 23 After a rest day and two weather days at Arbroath we were keen to get back on our way. We had decided to call weather days at Arbroath because of the high wind but the direction of the wind had been favourable […]
  • DAY 36 – Wedneseday 25 May 2022 – WEATHER DAY (Arbroath)
    Our astonishing run of luck with the weather has finally run out. Since leaving Fleetwood on 20 April and having covered over a thousand miles, we have until now had just one ‘weather day’ – in Dover, where we sat out a day of high winds. We had hoped to make two long passages north […]
  • DAY 34 – Monday 23 May 2022 – Eyemouth to Arbroath
    Miles logged: 33Total miles logged: 1,058Days since leaving Fleetwood: 34Days at sea: 22 We duly left Eyemouth following the harbourmaster’s warnings about Tuesday’s weather. I write this on Tuesday morning in perfect calm conditions and with sun streaming into the cockpit. Doubtless we could have stayed in Eyemouth but at least we are further north […]
  • DAY 33 – Sunday 22 May 2022 – Royal Quays Marina (North Shields) to Eyemouth
    Miles logged: 60Total miles logged: 1,014Days since leaving Fleetwood: 33Days at sea: 21 Early this evening we arrived in Scotland. Today, in addition to crossing the border, we passed the thousand mile point so must now be roughly half-way around Great Britain. Around a hundred miles will, right at the end of the circumnavigation, be […]
  • DAY 31 – Friday 20 May 2022 – Scarborough to Royal Quays Marina (North Shields)
    Miles logged: 59Total miles logged: 954Days since leaving Fleetwood: 31Days at sea: 20 There was a moment of panic on slipping my lines at Scarborough. I wrote previously of the limited space on the visitors’ berths there so I was keen to leave the berth and get out into the deep water as expeditiously as […]
  • DAY 29 – Wednesday 18 May 2022 – Spurn Head to Scarborough
    Miles logged: 53Total miles logged: 895Days since leaving Fleetwood: 29Days at sea: 19 We were glad to leave the anchorage at Spurn Head. The narrow spit of land was expected to give some shelter but we had a miserable night behind it, and things were only a little calmer in the morning. As we sailed […]

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I have produced some YouTube videos of the trip. They can be viewed at at Bubble’s channel here.

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