Oh no! – Saturday 12 March 2022

I decided to replace the external pear anode today. It was originally fitted professionally (always bad news!) when the yacht was new and the holes are, stupidly, at almost the lowest point of the aft bilge. This means that if any water gets into the bilge the studs get wet. A couple of years ago the original Volvo Penta exhaust water trap started to leak a bit and salt water then reached the anode studs, causing severe corrosion of the studs and, presumably, wrecking the electrical contacts. With the circumnavigation coming and more time to do jobs now that I’m retired, I tried to remove the old anode yesterday. Unfortunately there was further evidence of professional work on the external threads of the studs; they had been wrecked by being held in a mole grip in order to undo the nuts without the aid of an assistant aboard. So I had to remove both studs and buy new ones. I am going to fit PTFE discs under the interior mounting bolts in order to avoid any possibly of water damage to the aboard ends of the studs in future.

I am also this year completing the replacement of the original cheap brass ball-valves and hose-tails (Bavaria Yachts always use these instead of proper seacocks) with plastic ones. The two I changed in previous years have been very successful. The remaining ones were for the wash-basin and shower but I couldn’t shift the old valves. I will try again another day with a heat gun and bigger adjustable spanners.

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