Nearly done now – Monday 14 March 2022

A big spanner helped to get the old brass valves out. New plastic ones now in place

When something won’t undo and recourse to bigger tools is the only way forward, it is easy to be anxious about damaging something, especially if the job is a sea-cock. Anyway a big adjustable spanner moved the old brass valves (which were not in bad condition – very little evidence of dezincification) and the new TruDesign plastic ones are now in place, joining the one I did last year. The Sikaflex 291i will need to cure for a while before the hoses are connected using new TruDesign plastic elbows. Despite a gale blowing in the boatyard I cleaned and greased the anchor windlass, the genoa furler and the various greasing points in the Seldén furling mast. All that remains now is to fit the new pear anode when it arrives and antifoul the hull and saildrive. For that I really need two days with reasonable, and dry, weather.

Everything is done on the engine now. I keep checking but I can’t see any leaks after refitting the heat-exchanger core.

The engine fully serviced with new belt, impeller, oil, all filters, antifreeze and with a cleaned-out heat-exchanger

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