First coat now on and a long-term concern resolved – Tuesday 15 March 2022

It was, in Fleetwood terms at any rate, a nice day so I masked up the waterline and saildrive and applied the first coat of £100-a-tin Micron 350 antifouling. There is quite a build-up of layers from previous years and the underwater surface does not look great, so perhaps next year I will contemplate the misery of removing all the old layers. I might splash out and get a yard to do it as the first stage of a Coppercoat project.

Having previously removed the heavily-corroded old anode studs, with a hand from Bill off Sundance II, I fitted new ones today, incorporating a nylon stand-off inside, so there should be no more issues with corrosion should bilge-water ever enter the aft bilge area again. The appearance of the studs is a huge improvement and I am pleased with the job.

One of the new studs with the nylon spacer and new tinned cable
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