Ready to launch – Saturday 19 March 2022

The final bit of maintenance was completed today so Bubble is ready for launch and ready for the circumnavigation. Launch Day is next week; the weather is settled for a while with high pressure, so I have booked a day which should be calm and sunny. It will be so good to get back into the water again, although Bubble has been out for only two weeks. I prefer to leave her in the marina for most of the year; that way I can sail whenever the weather and tide permits but I believe also that she’s safer in the water – better supported, less vulnerable in storms and much less prone to damage when the weather is freezing.

It was a great pleasure to welcome back to the marina my circumnavigation partner Mike in Pagets Lady; she was looking great shape after work and maintenance in Glasson over the winter which included replacement of the non-slip decking. The lock to the marina basin at Glasson has been out of action for some months but the work is now complete so Mike was able to sail out rather than having to deal with the aggravation of a move by road to Fleetwood.

Mike and I plan to start our circumnavigation in late April so between now and then we’ll be sailing as much as we can and loading our yachts with what we’ll need for several months away from home.

Antifouled, serviced and ready to launch
New anodes everywhere and the saildrive and prop given two coats of Primocon and three of Prop-o-Drev spray
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